Quality Control

In order to ensure that the leads are of the highest quality and have the best chance of being converted into a loan, we developed a proprietary quality control process. Our technology called LeadBrain has a quality control process which investigates the quality of the leads through a systematic procedure described below.

Our dedicated account representatives will make sure that our leads covert not only for an average lender on our network, but they covert into YOUR portfolio! Your account representative will work with you as much as it will be required, until we are sure that the leads you are purchasing from LeadsMarket are always a hit, never a miss! Constant monitoring, reporting and making proper adjustments are just some of responsibilities of your account rep!

LeadBrain quality control process:

  1. Collection of consumer data through a number of sources. The location of the consumer is verified through IP geolocation.
  2. Verification of the collected data. This is accomplished by comparing the data with several databases to ensure that the name, email, telephone number and address provided by the consumer are real and legitimate.
  3. Lead ranking is performed by applying the proprietary algorithm used by LeadBrain. Should the lead ranking score be lower than the standard value, the lead is discarded.
  4. Evaluation of the leads with regard to our buyers filters. If the leads are found to be beneficial to our buyer they are forwarded, otherwise they are discarded.
  5. Daily auditing of leads by an expert analyst. This ensures that the complete process has been performed for all of the generated leads before they are sent to the buyers.

In addition to these steps, we have added a new module which compares the lead data from past to present to identify any instances of fraud. The use of this quality control process ensures that manipulation of data is immediately intercepted and only genuine leads are transferred.