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Our proprietary LeadBrain® software gives us a strong competitive advantage over other companies.

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We have over 200 direct lenders

Paid million


We paid over 100 million+ in commissions in 2019

Revenue share


We have multiple payout structures, including revenue share or tier structure payouts



We have a team of dedicated professionals always on the lookout for the latest and greatest


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Leads brain
Leads brain
Get Powered with LeadBrain®
Lead brain
Get Powered with LeadBrain®

LeadBrain® has unparalleled capabilities that help us provide publishers with the highest payouts per-lead in the industry, and helps lenders get lower cost-per-funded loans and higher lead-to-funded conversion rates.

We have over a decade of experience generating high quality, compliant leads. We offer a variety of products to help convert leads into customers.

FOR Publishers is your full service marketing partner

At, we offer a wide variety of materials for multi-channel campaigns and are always up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations. We want to help you create your most successful campaigns yet!

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What We Offer

Advanced js forms

Advanced JavaScript Forms

We have developed forms that integrate directly into your website without a hitch. Our robust and flexible JavaScript forms ensure that your unique look and feel shine through while generating leads for our network of approved lenders.

Xml integration

XML Integration

We offer XML integration to adapt to your advanced customization of an existing marketing platform.

Sub id tracking index

Sub-ID Tracking

Use our Sub-ID Tracking feature to track unique user attributes, traffic sources, banner ads, or link placement. You can create tracking links with up to 4 sub IDs and see where that engagement is coming from and see what's working and what isn't.

Self service online publisher portal

Self-Service Online Publisher Portal

Our platform offers 24/7 access to real-time statistics reports. You can also create multiple campaigns for different offers!

Weekly payouts

Weekly Payouts

We can send payments via PayPal, Bank ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, WebMoney, EPESE, Payoneer, and others.

Dedicated account

Dedicated Account

We’re always thinking of how to improve, so we’re constantly working on innovations and exciting new features.

Targeting the US and UK Markets

With over a decade of experience, we’ve learned the ins and outs of the short-term lending markets in the US and UK. We have the knowledge and the tools for you to create successful campaigns and generate a steady stream of revenue.

Us Uk Market

Market Lead Types:



Our vast network of buyers allows affiliates to make more money from their leads than with any other payday loan affiliate program.


Demand for personal loans in the US is growing every day. The keywords "personal loan(s)" show up in more than 39,000 searches each month, and related keyword searches offer up evidence of thousands of more searches

Car Title

While title loans generate a lot of traffic, they aren’t as competitive of a niche, so they offer exceptional opportunities for dedicated affiliates.



Our UK payday loan leads affiliate program is simple, straightforward, with steady payouts.

Car Title

With our car title loan lead program, each generated lead represents a payout without relying on the lender's ability to close out the loan.

FOR Lenders
Get New Borrowers to Grow Your Book of Business

With, you have choices. You don’t have to be stuck in a static pingtree with a single bid. You can benefit from a price-reject model and other creative ways to maximize your opportunities and your success!

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What We Offer

Best leads

The Best Leads Ever

Our LeadBrain software separates the wheat from the chaff. High quality, compliant leads helps you achieve lower cost-per-funded goals without regulatory risk.

Call program

Call Program

Our call program will improve contact rates, call center productivity, increase your revenue and lower your acquisition costs.

Live phone transfer

Live Phone Transfer

We offer top-quality Live Phone Transfer Loan Leads! We also send you the lead information directly into your CRM to streamline your remarketing efforts.

Target click

Targeted Clicks

ClickBrain helps you to reach excellent prospects through targeted clicks. We ensure leads are delivered quickly to your site, so they have a higher conversion rate and lower first payment defaults!

Direct calls

Direct Calls

Our software can transfer prospects from our phone system to yours seamlessly, ensuring that your sales team can strike while the iron is hot!

Dedicated sales team

Dedicated Sales Team

Innovation is the key to success, so we’re always thinking and developing new offers and features!

Experience first-class benefits with US payay loan affiliate program


Our commitment to compliance comes from our dedication to our mutual, long-term success.



We understand that changing and adapting to current trends is instrumental to staying at the top of our game. We’re constantly developing tools and offers to make sure we’re on the cutting edge of technology.



We have over ten years of experience under our belt. We’ve seen trends and companies come and go, so we know what it takes to stick around for the long haul.



Consumer Financial Protection Bureau



Federal Trade Commission


Compliance is Critical to Success

In light of new regulatory developments and increased regulatory scrutiny in the world of consumer finance, compliance is more important than ever. This applies equally to lenders and their key service providers.'s compliance initiatives are based on guidelines, consent orders and lawsuits from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) brought against other companies in the consumer finance world. We also look closely at all applicable federal and state rules and regulations to ensure our compliance initiatives are comprehensive and current.

Even though proper compliance helps lenders and their service providers, at its heart, compliance is about protecting the consumer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Publisher pays commission on a weekly basis to publishers with commissions above $100. We have NET 7 payment terms. This means you should expect to receive your commission payment for your quality traffic roughly 7 days from the end of each billing period. We send payouts to publishers when commission gets above $100.
  1. Click Publishers button in the top menu
  2. Fill out the one-page application
  3. We will review your application once it is submitted makes publishers a top priority, providing industry-leading payouts, unparalleled technical support, and prompt weekly payments. also provides customizable website templates and forms
US publishers are required to fill out the W-9 Form. Publishers outside of United States do not have to fill out a W8 BEN Form to get paid, but it is appreciated to get one on file.
  1. Login to your publisher account
  2. Click My Campaigns
  3. Select desired campaign
  4. Tracking link will be on the right side. You can create up to 3 Sub ID’s.

We want to ensure that our advertisers get only the best quality leads and valid sales.

We constantly monitor every campaign to detect and deal with fraud attempts such as suppression list abuse, duplicate and proxy IPs, bots, click frequency and more.

If you know or suspect that any kind of fraud is being conducted by a publisher or advertiser, please report them immediately by filling out our contact form and the matter will be immediately investigated.

Confirmed fraud will result in removal from our publisher network for life and turning over offenders to the advertiser, as well as Federal and State authorities.

For Lender

All leads sold are sold exclusively to the lender that purchases it, no double selling or pointless re-marketing.
We can service lenders that range from large conglomerates to your local storefront, inquire about our Storefront Program to get more information on how can help you grow today!
Leads can be purchased in the amounts desired. There are no limits or restrictions.
We can integrate to any third party lead management software or proprietary system. We can also deliver leads via Email if there are no systems available. is an accredited vendor through Online Lenders Alliance.
Resources for growing
For Lenders
For Lenders

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Company Updates
Company Updates

LeadsMarket Celebrates 10 Years: A Thank You from Our Management Team

It feels like yesterday when we had an idea for a company that would meet the demands of the booming lead generation industry. That day was ten years ago. As we celebrate ten years in business and continue to remain strong, there are a few groups that we have to credit. Thank You to Our ...


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Earn the Highest Payouts Through Our Affiliate Network!

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