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  • Highest Payouts In the Industry

    Our publisher program has an incredible large lender network with 150+ lenders that allows us to have the most coverage possible. Our ping tree based platform allows us to optimize the earning per lead (EPL). On top of that, all our website and banner templates are optimized for high conversion.

  • Free Landing Page Templates

    Our publisher program provides HTML templates, landing pages as well as host and post sites. Our HTML templates are mobile-friendly and may be also customized. All our templates are compatible with best practices in the industry as well as CAN-SPAM.

  • Javascript Forms

    We have developed robust and flexible js forms (iframes) which integrate directly into your website.

  • Data Metrics Reports

    Our publisher program offers real-time online reporting and multiple campaign creation with tracking links up to 4 sub IDs.

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 access to real time statistics reports as well as highly competent

  • Payouts

    We pay publishers in any desired manner, either via check, ACH, Webmoney, PayPal, wire, and more. For revenues over one hundred dollars, payouts are generally distributed weekly.

Up to $220 Pay Per Lead is the largest marketplace to sell loan leads online.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Our extensive network of buyers allows publishers to earn more money from payday loan leads than with any other publisher program.

  • Our Publishers

    • Organic Traffic / SEO Publishers
    • Paid Search / PPC Publishers
    • Email Marketers
    • Call Generators
  • Technological Advantage

    Our proprietary technology optimizes the distribution of leads to buyers in a way that revenues for publishers are maximized.