Direct Calls

Data Leads are a Good Starting Point

Even the highest quality data leads from website form submissions, email inquiries, and the like suffer from a major weakness. The amount of time that passes between the generation of a lead and the follow-up by a call center representative can have a dramatic effect on the conversion rate. has worked to eliminate this delay for their lenders by cultivating a direct call service. The company’s LeadBrain technology operates first to screen potential callers based on your company’s criteria, and then delivers the potential customer to you without breaking connection. LeadBrain seamlessly transfers prospects from our phone system to yours, allowing your representatives the advantage of getting high quality, pre-qualified leads.

While there are other companies who can direct calls to lenders,’s largest advantage is that we pre-screen according to the criteria we are given. Once we generate a telephone contact, we work to finalize matching each lead to the right lender.

This makes our calls the most effective leads money can buy.

We’ve continued to make headway by forging partnerships with new lenders. This allows us to make sure that customers and lenders are being served in the best way possible.

You can find out more about how our pre-screened live call transfers can make a positive impact by contacting one of our lender relations experts.

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