Payday Loan Leads Canada

Payday Loan Leads in Canada

Payday Loan Leads With Northern Exposure

We are proud to represent the best in loan lead generation Canada can offer. Our country's growing market for payday loans means rising demand for our top-notch leads. We have prospects from Halifax to Victoria, Calgary to Toronto. From every province from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. In smaller towns like Elk Point or Whitecourt, as well as the bigger municipalities. We have many high quality leads from all over Canada, and we make sure that the ones we pass on to our clients are high quality.

Custom Leads Perfected

We offer the ability to filter leads by a variety of information we collect. If specific demographics generate better performance for your company, you can ask us to send you only those prospects that meet your defined criteria. We can supply you leads from Toronto, Windsor, and many other areas. Cater to prospects in urban areas, or seek out those more rural leads. The choice remains yours with our fine-grained lead filters.

Absolute Dedication to Quality

Our enhanced Level 5 Quality Control process produces leads which are superior in quality compared to standard leads. Every step of the way, a lead is put through grueling tests to ensure that it meets our exacting standards. Leads that don't make the cut aren't recycled: they're eliminated. Only the prospects we deem good enough to pursue ever make it through to our financial partners. That's how we maintain our exceptional conversion rates and low first payment default numbers.

Following the Regulations

Canada has unique laws governing the payday loans market. We are registered to do business in the industry, and we maintain a strict compliance with all applicable laws. Working with us means working with a company you can trust.