Not all leads are created equal

Kaizen (a philosophy of continuous improvement) is deeply ingrained in our company’s DNA, and we work hard to continuously develop our understanding of what makes for a strong loan prospect.

We have processed and analyzed millions of unique leads. As a result, we’ve learned that some customers are going to convert more easily than others. Certain leads are going to be more at risk of default.

Unlike many lead vendors in the industry, who seem to prefer one-size-fits-all pricing when selling to their lending partners, we know that one lead isn’t always worth what the next one is.

That’s why gives buyers an option of using a bidding system which allows our lending partners to decide for themselves what a lead is worth. We can handle dynamic pricing of leads. Most of our competition can’t.

We give our partners the information they need to make informed decisions about the kinds of leads we are offering.

Something very important to understand is that no competing technology can generate as much ROI as LeadBrain does, because our technology belongs to us and nobody else.

We’re the best at finding good leads and scoring them appropriately.

Get in touch with one of our lender relations experts at (888) 666-7058 Ext 2 and get started buying leads from our LeadBrain backed system.